SITCON 2022 Conference Successfully Held

SITCON 2022 Conference Successfully Held

The International Scientific Conference in the field of Tourism and Hospitality SITCON 2022 was successfully held on Friday, October 7, 2022.

The main topic of the conference was

Tourism destination competitiveness – Current challenges and future perspectives

SITCON 2022 conference was organized in an online format, via the Microsoft Teams platform. The conference was officially opened by the Acting Rector of Singidunum University, prof. Goranka Knezević, PhD. The moderator of the conference was prof. Danijel Pavlović, PhD.

As in previous years, the seventh SITCON conference attracted many participants from the country and abroad, including university professors and scientists, tourism experts, industry representatives, but also numerous students who expressed great interest in attending the conference.

The SITCON 2022 conference had two very eminent and recognized experts, who addressed the audience as keynote speakers:

Prof. Metin Kozak, Ph.D., Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey
“Comparison or competitiveness: An endless debate for tourist destinations

Prof. Lidija Petrić, Ph.D., Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, University of Split, Croatia
Tourist destination competitiveness: from theoretical concepts to practical implications

Prof. Jovan Popesku, Ph.D., The Institute for Peace through Tourism IIPT – Chapter Serbia
Is there a “new normal” for tourism destination competitiveness?

The keynote speakers and authors were appreciated for their participation by the Rector of Singidunum University, Prof. Goranka Knežević, Ph.D. and the dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, prof. Miroslav Knežević, PhD.

Out of the total number of papers submitted for this year’s conference, 18 papers were accepted for presentation, including three papers by keynote speakers. The conference made a significant contribution to disseminating the foundation for a better understanding of the fundamental elements of the idea of tourism destination competitiveness. The relevance of the scientific conference derived from the importance of all major factors of a tourist destination’s competitiveness, both in the tourism industry and public sectors, particularly in the pursuit of long-term tourism growth.

Individual papers are available on the Singidunum University portal “Singipedia”.
The full Conference Proceedings are available at the following link.